Competition for the executive planning and construction of residential buildings as part of the Contratto di Quartiere Quadraro

Program Social housing and public space
Team Valerio Franzone, 3C+T Capolei Cavalli A.A.
Client Municipality of Rome, Dipartimento 9
Location Rome, Italy
Area 5.014 m2
Year 2011

Agro is composed of two blocks of different sizes, each one with two housing buildings and public space.
The competition base is a never-built project that needs to be rethought and enhanced because it is outdated regarding the current energetic standards and living needs. Due to the limited budget, the strategy focuses on the facades, on the apartment typologies, on ensuring good energy standards, and on the public space, without changing the volumes of the given project.
The public space focuses on offering a high level of naturality and different kinds of relational spaces capable of welcoming all the inhabitants: playgrounds for the kids, bocce fields, and meeting “squares” for the adults. The system of paths is studied to offer a good balance between connecting all the buildings’ entrances with all the activity areas and guaranteeing the maximum availability of natural space. At the same time, its shape was designed to avoid a rigid and functionalist strategy but searching for an appealing and always different walk. The paving material guarantees a good absorption of the rainwater. The trees are all local species and guarantee a good microclimate for the site and a good shadowing of the buildings.
The new facades of the buildings have more windows and balconies to enhance the quality of the apartments and are brightly colored in opposition to the greyness of the typical social housing of Rome's outskirts. The apartments are updated to new typologies to fulfill the needs of contemporary families. The energy-saving strategies are totally revisited with the latest construction materials and technologies.