"GR - La generazione della rete. Sperimentazioni nell’architettura italiana"

"GR - The Net Generation. Experimentations in Italian Architecture"

Type Editorial project - book
Authors 2A+P (Gianfranco Bombaci, Domenico Cannistraci, Pietro Chiodi, Matteo Costanzo, Valerio Franzone), Marco Brizzi, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi
Publisher Cooper & Castelvecchi, Rome (Italy)
Pages 408
Year January 2003

Link "gr. La generazione della rete", review by Paolo Marzano

"GR - La generazione della rete" is a recognition on the development of a net of visions, researches and experimentations in Italian architecture. The book contains the work of 14 young architecture firms that are representative of a wider scenario and that play innovative strategies to proceed with their activities, to connect with other cultural realities, and to build new architectural and cultural territories.
"GR - La generazione della rete" aims to start a beginning study on the main generator hubs of an ever growing and variable Italian cultural and architectonic net that is made by relationships, shows, events, publications and web sites. The study is conducted through critical texts, dialogues, projects by the selected firms, maps and diagrams, and a chronology (1995>2002) of the major Italian and world architectural and cultural happenings that influenced and involved the studied scenario.
The selected architectural firms are gruppo A12, amgod#n, Alessandro Carbone, Centola & Associati, Cliostraat, Greco Onori Oppici, HOV, ma0/emmeazero, Mantiastudio, Gianluca Milesi, nicole_fvr/2A+P, Spin+, Stalker, and UFO.