Two-stage Ideas Competition for the New Headquarters of the Istituto Postelegrafonici in Rome

Program Offices, parking
Team 2A+P Architettura (Gianfranco Bombaci, Domenico Cannistraci, Pietro Chiodi, Matteo Costanzo, Valerio Franzone), Studio Tamburini
Client Istituto Postelegrafonici
Collaborators Studio Sebastiani (structural engineering), Eleprogetti Engineering (technological systems)
Location Rome, Italy
Area 8.685 m2
Year 2007-2008

I-Post City means ideally summarizing the city into a single building. The idea of moving in a single building, people, activities, offices, that before where placed in different areas of the city is equivalent to move the complexity of the city in a single building; the proposed project starts from this will, a big and unique volume containing different elements. It’s a building with spaces differed in dimension, height and function and that at the same time it is the new image of the Istituto Postetelegrafonici in Rome; it’s a building capable of displaying its multifunctional nature but even of creating a unique and unifying image. Maybe the only image capable of giving this emotion is the one of the city, that is the place from which came all the functions that will create the new building. Thus the main idea is to structure all the functions of the new "I-Post" headquarter in a functional body that points to the creation of a small city, the I-Post City.