Competition for a Learning Center in Mozambique

Program School
Project Valerio Franzone
Client Archstorming, Kurandza
Location Chivonguene, Mozambique
Area outdoor 1.600 m2; indoor 212 m2
Year 2022

Circular but not closed
The complex's open U shape nurtures gathering and new discoveries.
Shaped as simple forms, distinct by size, color, and the windows' shapes, they're friendly and recognizable by the young. Like big block toys, they create a familiar, protective, and stimulating environment.
Inspired by the national flag, the classes -the kids- and the boundary wall -the school- are teal like the richness of the land; the office, the multipurpose room, and the guardhouse are red like independence; the childcare room, the kitchen, the bathroom (hygiene), the workshop/rental are yellow like the resources; the interiors are white like peace. There’s no black because Africa is already the school's foundation.
The windows are studied according to the functions of the buildings:
- Classrooms, different geometric shapes to be joyful;
- Office, long and linear to look outside and appear serious;
- Kitchen, portholes because it already has the funnels like ships;
- Multipurpose room, french windows because it’s open for meetings;
- Childcare Room, squares and glassed holes for a magic light;
- Bathroom, high holing for privacy and ventilation;
- Workshop/rental, big for every need;
- Guardhouse, 360° for security;
- Storage… no windows.
Boundary Wall
The classrooms are the reason for the school; they are the core generating complexity. Their facades become a boundary wall, turning all the functions in a system. The game of triangles and squares propagates, creating a pattern of windows on the landscape that permits one to look far and still feel protected. The wall dematerializes in front of the other buildings, becoming a metal mesh. This strategy, in addition to permitting one to admire the landscape continuously, shows the joyful complexity of the school to the outside, creating a pattern of colors and shapes in the landscape.
The simple shapes of the project alow a range of presented options for construction techniques; whatever they are, the appearance of the school and its good functioning will not change.
The client -helped by the design architect and the local architect- will make the final decision following their needs, budget, and the desired durability of the project.
- Solar Panels for electricity
- Rainwater collecting system
Covered Promenade / Canopy - Chicken Coop - Guardhouse - Workshop / Rental - Boundary wall