Competition for an artistic and architectural project for the re-use of two cranes in the harbor of Palermo as a symbol of the future harbor-city interaction

Program Regeneration and reconversion to a new function of two dock cranes as a contemporary art museum (O.P.A. - Observatory of Palermo for the Arts) and as a Luxury Hotel, and regeneration of the harbor area as a public space.
Team Valerio Franzone, 3C+T Capolei Cavalli A.A.
Client Port Authority of Palermo
Collaborators Proges Engineering (structural engineering)
Location Palermo, Italy
Area North Crane 3.760 m2; South Crane 2.354 m2; public space 12.700 m2
Year 2010

O.P.A. - Observatory of Palermo for the Arts is a strategic intervention for the regeneration of a large area of the Palermo harbor through the conversion of two cranes. This project aims to give a new identity to an area that, with the approval of the new zoning plan, will change its function from a commercial harbor to a touristic one for private boats. In addition to the traditional port activities, the site will become a generator of activities: a change made possible by creating elements that are attractors for the citizens and for the tourists of Palermo.
In order to renew the identity of the site, the South crane is converted into a museum of contemporary art -“O.P.A. - Observatory of Palermo for the Arts”, the North crane into a Luxury Hotel, and the project area surrounding them into public space. These new functions, as well as creating a strong cultural and social identity for the area, will guarantee new income to the Porth Authority. Furthermore, the proposed scenario will drastically change the processes happening in the site by bringing new activities that will better connect it to the city.