FINALIST (restricted design competition)
Two-phase National participatory and communicative design competition for the “Park of the Towers”

Program Participatory design, masterplan for an agricoltural and urban park
Team 2A+P Architettura (Gianfranco Bombaci, Domenico Cannistraci, Pietro Chiodi, Matteo Costanzo, Valerio Franzone), Lorenzo Castagnoli
Client ANCI, ANCI Emilia Romagna, WWF, INU, Municipality of Roma
Collaborators a.titolo (participatory process), Water D (soil bioengineering)
Location Rome, Italy
Area 51 ha
Year 2006

Parco is a park in a Roman outskirt, it is a public resource designed together with its future users.
The whole park was designed to go along with its growth phases through time. Following the requests of the participatory laboratories and the desire of the municipality, which aims to make this area an ecological corridor, the project proposes the coexistence of two scenarios strongly characterized: the agro romano and a nature park.
The agro romano, placed in the west area, and the nature park, in the east one, blur one into the other in the north and in the south area. The agro romano has wide areas for the cultivation of wheat, barley, oat, and long rows of pines and linden trees, while the nature park contains woods thinning towards the stream to allow the development of a local ecosystem and of biodiversity.
The area of the nature park is naturalized thanks to soil bioengineering strategies and contains local vegetation, becoming a pilot laboratory that can be reproduced in the surrounding natural areas. The wooded areas in the north-west and south-west zones absorb the sound pollution coming from roads outsides of the park, while the ones on the east side allow the immersion of the visitors into nature to enjoy the scents, colors, and sounds of a nature that looks far from the city.