C2C Home Competition

Program House from recycled and recyclable materials
Team 2A+P (Gianfranco Bombaci, Domenico Cannistraci, Pietro Chiodi, Matteo Costanzo, Valerio Franzone)
Client Roanoke Regional Housing Network, GreenBlue Institute, American Institute of Architects
Location Roanoke - VA, U.S.A.
Area 321.82 m2
Year: 2004

Rejected House?
- A living greenhouse plugged in the territory,
- a house made of recyclable and biodegradable materials,
- an in/outdoor space where planting and developing relationships...
Is this a house? It’s Rejected House!
The landscape, tired of undergoing by the urbanization processes, now rejects architecture. The incoming scenario is getting far from the superimposition of architecture like inert matter on the ground, like it was immovable pollution. The house, as a tree with its roots, emerges from the irritated soil, architecture now becomes an organic system accomplice of the human manifestations and ready to be corrupted.
The house, rejection of the landscape, growing up splits itself as two dizygotic twins connected by their birth. On the ground floor a common living area connects itself with two different spaces on the upper level: one living room (for the parents) and one studio/play room (for the kids) that are connected by the common in/outer living space. On the upper level they turn into the two intimate zones of the bedrooms.
This building, a plug on the territory, connects itself with the ground and with its deepness. The house merges itself with the nature as in a genetic mutation project. A greenhouse hybridizes itself with the domestic spaces creating an in/outdoor living space where planting and developing relationships.
The insertion of the building in the greenhouse generates a convective solar heating system. At the same time the plants purify the stale air giving out oxygen an absorbing carbon dioxide.
R_H is a project that deals with the interaction between the environment and the inhabitable space. All the construction materials are recycled and recyclable or biodegradable and the construction usual waste now become new seeds. Its elements, production wastes of the post industrial era, can generate a new system, ecological, organic, chemical…

> Trimax Carefree Xteriors Structural
- 100% recycled material: post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastics and fiberglass;
- Alternative to CCA-treated wood;
- Durable and low-maintenance product.
> HDPE Plastic Panels
- 98% recycled material: post-consumer recycled HDPE.
> Everlast Performance Flooring
- 100% recycled material: post-consumer and post-industrial recycled rubber fitness flooring;
- Available in both tiles and rolls.
> Weyerhaeuser Particleboard
- 100% recycled material: post-industrial recycled and recovered wood fiber.
> UltraTouch Natural Fiber Insulation
- 80% recycled material: post-industrial recycled denim and other cotton-fiber textile trimmings;
- 0% mineral fibers;
- 100% recyclable, rapidly renewable product;
- No warning hazard for installers or occupants;
- Tested for thermal and surface-burning resistance, water-vapor absorption, mold/fungi resistance, and odor emission;
- Reduces energy loads.
> Recy Glass
- 100% recycled material: post-consumer recycled glass.
> Bio Film
- 100% recycled material: post-industrial recycled starch of corn;
- Transparent film for green houses;
- 100% recyclable, rapidly renewable product: when it gets old or broken it can be simply buried.
> Polyfi
- Polyethylene fibers film used as vapor barrier;
- 100% recyclable, rapidly renewable product.