1st PRIZE (invited art competition)
6th Prize Artegiovane "Turin Meets... the Art: A Gate for Turin"

Program Urban installation
Team 2A+P Architettura / nicole_fvr (Tommaso Arcangioli, Gianfranco Bombaci, Domenico Cannistraci, Lorenzo Castagnoli, Pietro Chiodi, Matteo Costanzo, Valerio Franzone, Angelo Grasso)
Client Artegiovane, Municipality of Turin, Torino Incontra, Fondazione CRT, Compagnia di San Paolo, GTT
Collaborators Modelab - Marco Galofaro (model), Nuova Dalmi (catafiori prototype), a.titolo / Zebra (communication)
Location Turin, Italy
Area 1.400 m2
Year 2003       Completed 2005

Link Round Blur on "Mies van der Rohe Award"
        Round Blur in Jurassic Park..., review by Stefano Mirti (IdLab)
        nicole_fvr / 2A+P Architettura. Round Blur

Photo ©Paolo Rosselli for Domus n.885 (October 2005)

Round Blur is a fuzziness, it is the blurring merging of an artificial ground with a natural one. Along the lines of the blur gradient, the asphalt leaves place to the natural soil and vice versa. Through the hybridization of the natural and the artificial, the perception of time and space, the alternation of day and night, the succession of seasons, become malleable factors manageable in an ordered casualness.
Round Blur is the fusion between heathers and artificial catadioptric flowers called catafiori, between synthetic grass and white refractive asphalt. Here, the artificial elements inhabit the inert ground while natural elements bloom from the natural soil.
Round Blur is a colored roundabout during the daytime and it reflects the lights of the cars during the night. In winter, when nature fades, like a dream at the border between the urban and the natural landscape, the square is still a luminescent maze of colors.
Round Blur is an uncertain and fragile place that is accessible only by tram and observable by the cars driving along the roundabout.