Concurso Arquine No. 25 Pabellón Mextrópoli 2023

Program Pavillion
Project Valerio Franzone
Client Arquine
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Area 122 m2
Year 2023

Social Peaks is a device to cultivate and foster social relations in any urban context with a temperate or hot climate:
it arises from the urban ground both physically and processually because it represents the continuity of the ground and of the social process it stimulates.

Social Peaks builds an ideal square as a place for programmed or unexpected encounters and three standings of different heights:
it is a place to rest during a work break or a walk,
it is a place for the siesta,
it is a place for a concert or an assembly,
it is a place to climb and play,
or simply to chat with a friend or stranger.

It gives some seats, some shadow, some shelter,
but it doesn’t stop the breeze and the rain.

Social Peaks is environmentally sustainable, it is made of local products. 85% is
  • bamboo, for the structure,
  • wood, for the seats.
The remaining 15% are nails, screws, bolts, and “Red Shade 70%”, or similar, which is a Greenhouse Shading Net used in agriculture to protect the plants by shading 70-75 of sun rays and UV radiation.

Social Peaks is a dry construction, an assembly of elements.
It doesn’t require to be anchored on the ground because its 3D bamboo structure and wood paneling make it rigid and heavy enough to don’t move.

West Elevation